Traveling with Teenagers


they are laughing at me

I may have rekindled my travel obsession too late. While we took family road trips to visit family and went camping when the kids were young, we never did any international trips.  We really didn’t have the money and the timing just wasn’t right.  The amount of work and items required to travel on a plane with little ones seemed too much.  Traveling with teenagers, in a lot of ways, is easier than with younger kids.  They manage their own bags and the only toys they need are their headphones and phones.

We took a trip to Mexico 2 summers ago.  It was great.  The kids got to see a colonial Mexican town and experience the jungles of Chiapas.  They ate the food and didn’t complain much at all even during the overnight layover in the Mexico City airport.

Vietnam last summer also went pretty well.  Although they were more antsy to get home as the trip was longer.  They enjoyed the different culture, food and became very adept at crossing the street which is no easy task.  They handled buses and airports like old pros.  But they still hungered for their computers and the comforts of home.

We have had some trip failures over the past years.  Camping trips filled with endless complaining about boredom, missing out on their “free time” at home with Fortnite and complete disinterest in fishing.  Which in the past they loved.  So I asked the teens what they wanted to do when camping.  “Hiking” was their answer.  So on our last camping trip we took a hike.  And got caught in a giant hail storm that felt like running through an Airsoft field.  They wanted to go home immediately.  The whimsy of misfortune is lost on teenagers.

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with good trips for teens.  One teen loves the city and one loves nature.  Air fares in the spring are ridiculously low to Europe, but the response I got is “why would I want to go to Rome or Paris?”  Literally looking at me like I had two heads.  What is wrong with them?  It is impossible to make everyone happy.  Right now I am planning a trip to Tokyo.  It has electronics, video games, cute girls, sushi, noodles, cute girls in cute outfits, robots and super fast trains.  That should do it.

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